About Us

Family Owned & Operated.

Our recipes have always been a family favorite for a reason! But how did our cafe come to be? Learn more about Sugar B’s!

We started out just 3 girls looking to raise some funds for a new puppy, using whatever was leftover to help needy families through the holidays. We were already famous(in our family) for our cheesecake making skills – so we thought, let’s do it!

After a few irresistible pictures of some cute girls slinging cheesecakes for a cause, Sugar B’s took off! We got our puppy and helped some families, but the orders just kept rolling in.

Turning our fundraiser into a business during a pandemic was a scary thought, but we didn’t have a choice. The people had spoken and they wanted more Sugar B’s Cheesecakes!

So we got creative! We rented a commercial kitchen space, got all of our ducks in a row, and created a our cheesecakery!

We officially welcome you to Sugar B’s Cheesecakery!

Don't wait to try out our family favorites!